Lately scads of comic creators have been crossing over from one duty to another. David Finch is handling writing and illustrating Batman: The Dark Knight, Robert Kirkman's drawing pages in the upcoming Spawn 200 and now Axe Cop brothers Ethan and Malachi Nicolle have swapped skill sets. The result? Two dead, one satiated by Xbox.As described by Ethan at the Axe Cop blog, his 6-year-old brother who normally doesn't like to draw decided to try his hand at illustration after receiving some art supplies for Christmas. Unfortunately for Ethan, the young artist lost interest in his older brother's narrative and decided to simply feed his favorite characters, The Moon Warriors, to the god of all bears. Like many popular artists before him, this move was made in the name of spending more time with videogames. Considering Ethan's considerable success over the past year, I'd say he's earned it.

As for the final fate of the Moon Warriors... let's just say that sometimes superhero comic book tropes have their advantages.

I know lots of people will be asking if this episode is canon and if the Moon Warriors are dead forever. Well, yes, it is canon. The Moon Warriors are Malachai's favorite characters though, so I am guessing that at some point he'll find a way to revive them. I guess we can all hope.


[Via Axe Cop]

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