It may not tap the burgeoning powers of newtypes in a colonial war spanning the Earth and the stars, but Bandai's soon-to-open Gundam Café will reportedly serve a mean cup of java - and even a fried mobile suit?

The Gundam Café is set to open on April 24 in Tokyo and will seat up to 60 visitors. Menu items include a Jaburo Coffee blend and a Gun-Pla-yaki, which is described as "a large-sized, fried take-out dish modeled after the very first 1/144 Gundam plastic model kit ever sold." So yeah, a mecha action figure you can eat!

As Anime News Network points out, this café isn't the first Gundam-themed eatery in Japan. Bandai's Gundam Museum in Matsudo housed a restaurant until 2006 and multiple bars have featured mobile suit cosplay in some capacity.

Still: officially sanctioned, edible fried Gundam? That could very well be worth a plane ticket to Tokyo.[Via Anime News Network]

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