After years of regular appearances in the Photoshop-tastic Weekly World News tabloid, a comic from IDW and plenty of conventional merchandise, fans can finally add the horrifying visage of Bat Boy to their action figure collection care of Go Hero, Funko and Executive Replicas.

Featuring a boy by Doctor Mego, the 8" style action figure features a spot-on likeness of WWN's icon. He's a little light on accessories, sporting only ragged jean shorts, but his massive head sculpt seems to make up for any perceived lack of extra plastic.

The toy is currently available for preorder at GoHero, with an unspecified release date in the fourth quarter of 2010. It's expected to retail for $25, and should fit in just fine with Bif Bang Pow's Megoish "Lost" and "Venture Bros." lines plus Mattel's DC Universe World's Greatest Superheroes line. Just think of the adventures Bat Boy could have with a similarly-scaled Batman![Via ToysRevil]

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