Check out this ten-minute Batman fan film produced by Bat in the Sun, a Los Angeles filmmaking crew who've made numerous shorts starring DC Comics' Dark Knight. In Seeds of Arkham, Batman goes head-to-head with some standard thugs before tangling with Killer Croc. The short film also includes a Suicide Girls-esque Poison Ivy slashing away at a shirtless, tied-up Nightwing with the thorns of a rose, infecting him with her toxic sex potion.

Warning: contains some NSFW language.

Just one of a series of impressive Batman fan films produced by Bat in the Sun, Seeds of Arkham is the first part of a new trilogy. If you like what you see here and are eager for more, you're welcome to donate some funds to the highly dubious Kickstarter campaign that will surely be shut down by Warner Bros. attorneys any minute now. They're only trying to raise $50,000.

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