I've seen a lot of Batman covers in my day, but Neal Adam's banner image for "Batman: Odyssey" #1 may be the first time I've seen the Caped Crusader get so comprehensively capped before page one.

DC's The Source debuted the cover today, showcasing some serious Batman bullet woundery and more than a little blood splatter. All the red stands in contrast to Bats' traditional color scheme, which for some reason makes me think of the bad old days when blood at the big two was often colored black. If ever there were a way to neuter Batman's blood it was by blending it in with his shadowy costume. Or maybe it kind of enhanced it? Ah, mixed feelings.

As its namesake implies, "Odyssey" will see Batman on something of a grand tour of villains old and new, so there's a little bit of mystery as to who's pulling the trigger on our hero. This new cover doesn't shed a lot of clues, but amateur detectives may want to start making a list of villains who prefer shooting wrists.

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