Currently one of the most underrecognized artists in the comics business, Ulises Farinas has wowed us before with art depicting the Marvel and DC Universes in LEGO, Superman vs. Gotham City, and the hidden treasures of the Batcave. Now, Farinas has launched a new project called "Unauthorized Comics," where he and a host of other indie artists present their own "fan-fictional" takes on superheroes like Green Lantern, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Deadman, and Big Barda.

The crown jewel, however, is Farinas's venture back into the world of the Batman in a 14-page comic called "Batman Loses," where the Caped Crusader faces off against drug-addled monsters, murderous shock troops, and the limitations of his mortal body. It also features a mysterious vision quest where a bat totem offers him the strength he fears is failing -- in exchange for something even more valuable. Check out the complete "Batman Loses" after the jump.

If you're looking for distinctly original work from an artist as adept with explosive, sumptuously detailed splash pages as the small, personal moments of a story, Farinas is your man. His take on superheroes is a breath of fresh air -- much like the recent indie-themed superhero anthologies like "Strange Tales" and "Wednesday Comics" -- and the real wonder is that he's not already doing work for either of those collections.

You can see more of Farinas's work this Wednesday, when his "Savage Dragon Twisted Funnies" backup comic will appear in "Savage Dragon" #164.

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