I've had a Google alert set up for "heavy metal Batman" for years, and I have to say that the results I've seen have been pretty disappointing. Until this week, that is, when our friends over at Topless Robot posted the new video by Powerglove, in which the video game-themed metalheads thrash the living hell out of the 1989 Batman theme.

As good as that is, though, the best thing about it has nothing to do with the song, and comes instead from the mind-bendingly surreal video that drops the band into a Golden Axe style fantasy beat-em-up video game where they can only defeat their enemies by rocking so hard that they explode in showers of blood. Seriously. You have got to see this.

Even if (like me) you're not a big fan of Tim Burton's Batman, there's no getting around the fact that Danny Elfman's theme for it is pretty much the perfect music to accompany Batman, and for any other band, that would be the focus of their video. Powerglove, however, understands that the music stands on its own and doesn't need the help of a video that has anything to do with what they're actually playing, a knowledge that leaves them freed up to create something truly amazing.

Let's start with the premise: In the world of the video, Powerglove isn't just a metal band, they're also a group of space-traveling barbarian warriors who live in a sky palace and have somehow earned the enmity of bat-creatures and talking crabs. Now, they must fight them by channeling the power of the Batman theme into weaponized metal. Which they do through the time-honored Diamond Davidian method of pelvic thrusts and strange looks.

I'm not even joking: This is the greatest idea for a video since the Beastie Boys did "Sabotage."

There is, however, one thing that I have a problem with, and that is this dude:

Don't get me wrong: The guy rocks pretty hard, and he's able to maintain a convincing hair-tornado while also throwing up the horns behind his back, and that's impressive. The problem is his outfit. He's got the shoulder pads going, but other than that, he's basically just wearing a black shirt and pants.

It might not seem like a big deal, but c'mon, when you're standing next to a bass player who looks like he just stepped out of Mortal Kombat, a drummer in full-on Road Warrior/Legion of Doom shoulder spikes with a pair of samurai flags mounted on them, and this guy?

One starts to doubt your commitment to the blackest of arts.

Beyond that, though, it might be the greatest music video of all time, and a pretty amazing cover of a song that was great to begin with. If nothing else, it's sold me on the album, and I can't wait to see what madness might happen if they do a video for their cover of the theme from Pokemon.

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