Not that you've got to pick favorites, but if ever you were irked by DC granting top billing to the Man of Steel on the 2003-2011 Superman/Batman team-up series, you'll be pleased to learn that Greg Pak (The Incredible Hercules) and Jae Lee (The Dark Tower) are teaming for a brand new book dubbed Batman/Superman, this June. Unlike the previous adventure book, this new series will focus on the first meeting of DC's most-popular heroes (which apparently didn't happen in Justice League #1 now?), and their team-up against an as-yet revealed threat.

The new series gives DC a vehicle to reintroduce fans to the World's Finest (a title currently claimed by Earth 2's Huntress and Power Girl) in the newly re-launched continuity of DC's new universe, showcasing the beginning of their super-friendship. [Editor's note: super-broship???]

Of course, the rules of superhero comics dictate that the heroes must brawl due to a misunderstanding of some kind before shaking hands and turning their attention to a mutual foe, right? Pak hasn't teased an imminent battle just yet, instead telling USA Today:

"What would your reaction be if you saw a guy running around in a bat costume in the dead of night attacking people for the first time? And what would your reaction be if you met an alien who could crush steel in his bare hands for the first time?" the writer says. "These guys are going to have very different immediate impressions of each other than we're used to seeing with these characters.

"There's an element of danger to the book that I think is very real and very exciting."

Batman/Superman is the latest official addition to DC's "New 6," a term they totally aren't using to describe the half-dozen titles they're rolling out over the coming months to bump up the number of their monthly books back to 52, following the recent cancellation of the same number.

[Via USA Today]

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