Where once Batman ruled Taco Bell with promotional movie cups and kid's meals, it seems the Caped Crusader (or an impersonator) has now turned to crime, taking food from an unsuspecting drive-thru customers like a thief in the night. It's sort of like the old drive-thru football grab from MTV's "Jackass," only the gosh-darn Batman leaps from an untold height onto the top of an SUV before grabbing an order and fleeing into the shadows.

Catch the Bat-Crime after the jump.

Seeing Batman behave badly is a bit of a shock to the system after so recently watching the Dark Knight humbly teach his fans how to review Taco Bell's steak cantina tacos. Presumably he paid for that particular meal with Bruce Wayne funds.

While this YouTube vid from nganci appears to be a theft on the surface, there's still hope for those who turn to the World's Greatest Detective for inspiration. For all we know those tacos were stuffed with Joker fish, a time bomb or some other deadly substance. Sometimes a vigilante has to break the law to uphold it, chums.

[Via Blastr]