Considering Grant Morrison's sprawling post-"Return of Bruce Wayne" plans in the upcoming "Batman, Inc.," DC's cover to November's "Brightest Day" #13 may drive some fans a little (oh, please forgive me) batty. The Source is all about teasing today with a David Finch image depicting Batman as the White Lantern, but there's no way Bruce Wayne would trade his pending yellow disc bat emblem for the WL logo, is there?

DC's official solicitation info doesn't mention Batman or Bruce Wayne, but does make it clear that there's a new candidate to wield the WL energy:

Don't miss the hottest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the search for a new White Lantern. And Martian Manhunter returns to Mars as we discover the origin of the creature mysteriously stalking him. Plus, the evil within Firestorm now haunts Professor Stein! And Hawk man: betrayed!

Like most of Batman's interactions with lantern rings, his L tenure is probably going to be short-lived. Still, Finch's cover wouldn't make a bad DC Direct action figure. See the full cover after the jump.

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