If you're holiday shopping for a comic/hip hop fan, Jim Mahfood may have just made your search a little easier. Known as a fan of hip hop culture, The Grrl Scouts and 40 Oz creator has released a new edition of Ask For Janice, his previously out of print mini comic based on the classic Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique.Originally released in 2007, Mahfood is now offering a new version of his minicomic classic on his website. The regular edition is limited to 100 -- each of which is signed by Mahfood -- and comes with a new wraparound cover, and new interior art on the inside front and back covers. There's also an Ask For Janice Funk Pack, which includes the same minicomic plus a 24 x 18 Paul's Boutique giclee print signed and numbered by Mahfood, a small drawing of your favorite Beastie Boy, and an original hand-drawn MCA Bookmark, in honor of the late Adam Yauch, who passed away earlier this year.

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