It's been a few months since we've checked in on the live action adaptation of Harold Sakuishi's "Beck" manga and subsequent anime series "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad," but in keeping with the film's September 4 release date, a third, expanded trailer and seemingly complete movie poster have surfaced on the official movie Web site.

The new content seems to have cropped up last week, when the official site received an update that included new features such as a character guide, production notes, a staff page and a section consolidating all three trailers. The poster features the film's stars in a near "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Universe" spread. Rounding out the movie's initial promotional footage, which focused heavily on the members of Beck, the expanded trailer gives fans a much closer look at supporting characters such as the band's early manager Kazuo Sato, plus antagonist Leon Sykes and the band's heroes The Dying Breed.

See the full trailer and possible official movie poster after the jump.