Following news from a few weeks back that the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis would be lending music to the "Beck" live action movie soundtrack, fans finally got a taste of what the blend will feel like this weekend as the motion picture began streaming a new teaser trailer at its official Web site.

At 45 seconds long, the brief teaser pretty well sets up the film's premise showing shots of each Beck bandmate on their journey to rock and roll fame. While a few shots are borrowed from the movie's first teaser, there's new content showcasing some recognizable scenes from the manga/anime - which, if you've consumed either, understand to mean five fellas soulfully bro'n down via the power of music.

Aside from the teaser's story, it's pretty nice to view just to reinforce the spot-on likeness of (from left to right) Osamu Mukai as Taira, Takeru Satoh as Koyuki, Kenta Kiritani as Chiba, Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke Minami and Aoi Nakamura as Yuji Sakurai.

Check out the new trailer for yourself after the jump to see what you think.

[Via Anime News Network]