It's hard to top the excitement behind "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's" new trailer and news that Beck (among other members of indie rock royalty) will be contributing music to the film, but word that another "Beck," specifically the live action film based on Harold Sakuishi's manga/anime series (which Brian Lee O'Malley has noted as an influence on SP) will include songs by Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers might come close for fans of both series.

According to Anime News Network the Chili Pepper's "Around the World" will kick off the film while Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" will be played at its conclusion, meaning there should be a degree of nostalgia for the time period that the manga spanned.

Sure, neither the Chili Peppers or Oasis are creating original tracks for the fictional band to play as with SP's Sex B-Bomb, but given Sakuishi's homages to Flea and Liam Gallagher through bandmembers Yoshiyuki and Yukio's respective playing styles, the inclusion still seems like a really nice touch.
[Via Anime News Network]