The cinematic adaptation of Harold Sakuishi's "Beck" finally arrives in Japanese theaters this weekend, and while there's currently no official release date for the film in the United States, international fans can still peep new footage from the film in the form of a new roughly three minute teaser at the film's official Web site that's chock full of Mongolian Chop Squaddage.A pretty significant portion of the footage in "The Evolution" video has been seen in previous trailers, but this music video of sorts still manages to show off a few brand new shots of supporting characters like antagonist Leon Sykes, swimming/guitar teacher Ken'ichi Saitou and members of The Dying Breed plus footage from key Beck concerts like the Grateful Sound festival. Most importantly, though, the new vid gives fans their first full dose of an original Beck song, which seems to differ from the staples heard in the "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad" anime.

Check out "The Evolution" below.

[Via Anime News Network]