For all of the time that Catwoman has been around, there have been numerous and varied iterations, providing a wealth of options to cosplayers. It’s always a delight to see a Catwoman at a convention, whether she’s in the old-school cape and suit, the various versions from Batman '66, the patched latex donned by Michelle Pfeiffer in the Batman Returns film, the body suit and cowl of the ‘90s animated series, or even the sleek and sophisticated look of the newer outfits based on Darwyn Cooke's fan-favorite redesign. In all forms, these cosplayers embody DC’s finest thief and most famous femme fatale.

Catwoman is much more than a two-bit crook; she's one of the oldest and most beloved foils to the Caped Crusader across the decades. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Catwoman made her first appearance in Batman #1 as simply “The Cat." She originally ran with the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler as one of Batman's regular villains.

But Selena Kyle is certainly not defined by Batman. She's his equal in terms of acrobatics and martial abilities, and she's a leading character in her own right, one known for her guile and wit, and her willingness to take what she wants (and to sometimes put helping others ahead of helping herself). Catwoman knows how to play every angle, and it's that experience, cunning, and yes, sense of style that makes her such an attractive character for cosplayers. These are the best Catwoman cosplays.


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