Stranger Things, the Netflix series created by the Duffer Brothers, isn't quite like anything we've seen before, and yet it owes a lot to many things we remember fondly. If you grew up in the '80s, Stranger Things feels somehow like an original work within the genre of "VHS tape that your friend recorded off their satellite that you sat in their basement and watched over and over again."

When the kids are gathering their slingshots and radios to investigate the mysterious darkness that's overtaken their town, or when the mysterious little girl is lashing out with her psychic powers, it feels like Stephen King. When a single Mom strives to pierce the dimensional barrier to find her son, there's a strong hint of Steven Spielberg. And when the teenagers are out in the dark woods looking for the monster that's attacking their loved ones, it's pure John Carpenter. But it's not a soulless pastiche; it's a moving story with lots of fascinating twists along the way. Naturally this is the kind of project that gets fans excited, so we've gathered some of the best Stranger Things fan art for you here.

Eleven, the young psychic girl who escapes from an insidious government lab, is easily the fan favorite character, so of course a lot of the fan art focuses on her. Her unique look and her mix of power and vulnerability are naturally going to catch the eye of fan artists. And of course there's plenty of Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, the three boys who team up with her to look for their missing friend. But there are also some great depictions of Joyce and Hopper, the two adult characters whose initiative and determination drive the series. Then there's Nancy, the teenage girl who turns out to be surprisingly handy with a pistol. There's even some love for Barb, Nancy's friend with an unforgettably 1980s look.


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