You may have noticed that there wasn't a webcomics column last week. Sorry. I was... drinking heavily and watching Christopher Nolan movies while complaining about Christmas, which caused the editor of this site to send me this video [NSFW]. Apparently that's the sort of crass humor Laura Hudson finds appealing. And during the holidays! For shame.

Anyway, as always, your input is appreciated. I find something new each week, and it's thanks to people leaving suggestions that I usually see the best stuff. Also, those leaving critical comments are extremely valuable to me as well. I want to get better at these weekly round-ups, so point out mistakes, poor judgment, and bad taste when you see me falter. This week's best comics are...It wouldn't be 2012 without some doomsday comics, and thankfully the creative hivemind is churning out material like Romantically Apocalyptic, and my personal favorite, Gunshow's Wolf God. Should the end of the world actually end sometime next year, I hope it's as rad as Wolf God. Wolf God is also the name of my new band. We're great, just so you know. Epic, even.

In other news, The Gutters writer Ryan Sohmer found that Marvel Comics apparently has a no sense of humor when it comes to making fun of their tired international properties mascarading as legitimate characters. Oops. Sorry. Was that too much? Look, I love comics, even superhero books, but if a company can't take a webcomic poking fun at icons that it has trotted out for licensing purposes for decades, then it can eat a whole bag of... rotten bananas. Yes... bananas... as far as I'm concerned. Sorry, AOL won't let me use big-boys words on here.

Rant over. Sorry. Again. Now for something we hope you'll really like!

Easily one of the Top 20 webcomics of all time, The Abominable Charles Christopher has been featuring guest strips for the last month. To close 2011, creator Karl Kerschl made a touching strip about the importance of nature, specifically trees, and how humanity can learn from their strength and patience to understand that life is bigger than us all. Or something equally as deep. Maybe you'll interpret the message differently. Such is the beauty of art.

I've hesitated to include Girl Genius on this list because it's so dense that I feel new readers would have a hard time jumping into the story on first glance, and risk not coming back. With the current storyline, however, new reader have a great place to start as there looks to be a great battle coming. So if you haven't been a regular reader, jump onboard now for the action and get caught up after becoming enamored with the rich series.

It seems I can't go one week without listing an adult webcomic. Oh well. Like Girl Genius, Chimneyspeak looks to be gearing up for a pretty sweet fight sequence. The quirks and characters of the comic will start to make sense quickly after reading a few pages, so for now, just enjoy the show.

Oh man... I can already hear the groans of readers getting ready to flood the comment section with J. Jacques hate. I hear you, okay? But hear me out, too? I readily admit that Questionable Content is the Everybody Loves Raymond of webcomics. It's literally like watching a mid-seventh-season episode of Friends in sequential art form most of the time. And sometimes there are jokes so terrible I want to hit something. All that said, when the comic is at it's best, it's still one of the top webcomics updating regularly. In a way, Questionable Content is the Kobe Bryant of webcomics: Love him or hate him, he's still really good at what he does. Is that enough comparative metaphors? Are you not entertained?!

Simple, yet sublimely silly, Antics is a webcomic worthy of aliteration.

That's it. It's over. Thanks for reading. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a bottle of burbon I need to check on and room full of friends to disappoint. Happy New Year!

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