The world of X-Men hosts an enormous roster of characters. Almost everyone has their own favorite mutant, but few have ever been as revered as the original Weapon X himself, Wolverine. Created in 1974 by writer Len Wein and art director John Romita, Sr., Wolverine was a Canadian hero with a small stature and a fierce temperament, like that of a wolverine. He first appeared as a cameo in The Incredible Hulk #180, before making a full appearance in the following issue, fighting against the Hulk and Wendigo.

Since that initial appearance, Wolverine has become one of the most prominent members of the X-Men. In the group, Logan has played a notable role as a grizzled veteran and mentor to many of the other members, even leading them at certain points. That said, Wolverine’s temperament and style has always given him more appeal as a wild card, which has served him well across numerous solo series.

One of the more interesting developments tied to Logan was the creation of his clone daughter Laura Kinney. Once known as X-23, but now taking up the family name as Wolverine herself, Laura was originally created for the X-Men: Evolution animated series. She made her Marvel Comics debut in 2004.

X-23 was created to be an assassin in a program similar to Weapon X, but where Wolverine was a man of mystery with a long and storied history, Kinney was more of an open book --- a programmed killer trying to become human.

The dual nature of their ferocious tenacity and cool demeanors make Logan and Laura interesting characters on the pages and in the cosplay community. Each has a massive array of looks and styles that cosplayers can bring to life. Whether they go for the classic Uncanny look of Logan, his later blue and yellow, Kinney’s goth assassin garb, or even her more superheroic look, there’s a fantastic variety in these characters that anyone can enjoy. These are the best Wolverine and X-23 cosplays.


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