With the release of the first teaser image for Beware the Batman, the new animated series set to debut next year, Warner Bros. raised a lot of questions about where they were taking the Caped Crusader in his next iteration. Now, we have a few answers: Show producers Mitch Watson and Glen Murakami spoke to us at Comic-Con, revealing several details about the new show.

In addition to other interesting tidbits, Murakami and Watson discussed the new emphasis on Batman's detective skills as well as their plan to not use any villains that had been seen on other cartoons, instead choosing to go with lesser-known characters like Anarky and Professor Pyg. Believe it or not, we did not follow-up with a demand to see KGBeast in action, but you can catch the whole video after the jump!

Mitch Watson and Glen Murakami on Beware the Batman:

'Beware The Batman' DC Nation Interview SDCC 2012


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