Mark Millar faced some blogosphere scrutiny early this morning when it was revealed that an image he'd posted on his Millarworld blog of a billboard in New York City's Times Square promoting he and Steve McNiven's "Nemesis" launch was nothing more than a Photoshopped hoax.

"Times Square, New York City, 15 minutes ago. Is this what happens when you give a comic-book writer some movie royalties? Issue 1 is out today, my friends. Steve and I hope you enjoy."

As an avid proponent of Photoshop hoaxes, I'm afraid I'm not in a good place to completely demonize the trickery. After all, the (sometimes shoddy) creation of such nonsense has helped me earn a living. I just think it's interesting to consider how Millar might top his latest bid at self-promotion. The world has many wonders, after all, and if anyone can clear them for ad space it's Millar.

Check out some of my humble suggestions for further creator-owned project publicity after the jump.

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