It may be difficult to improve upon the Star Wars character designs that George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie originally brought into the world. That said, we can still ogle Bjorn Hurri's sleek steampunk takes on Han Solo, Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett. From the riveted accessories to the gears and goggles, Hurri obviously put a great deal of thought into how Luke's posse might incorporate some Victorian props and facial hair styles into their lives.Hurri's portfolio of clever illustration work can be accessed on his website at You'll find it adorned with some things that aren't Star Wars and others that aren't steampunk, but if you like how he paints Yoda smoking a water pipe, you won't be disappointed with the way he sketches out a Sith.

C-3PO, meanwhile, really knows how to rock a necktie. Few droids could pull that off while hauling around a massive steam engine.

Check out some of Hurri's steampunk Star Wars pieces below:

[Via Neatorama]

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