If, like me, you count yourselves among the pitiable number of Star Wars fans who never rode the original Star Tours ride before Boba Fett blew it up and, sadder still, have yet to experience the upgraded Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction at Disney's assorted theme parks (or even if you have), Hasbro's got new action figures in the pipeline that should provide some consolation. This May two new Star Tours action figure packs will join Hasbro's initial 2011 offerings for six new figures. The "Search for the Rebel Spy" pack will include a brand new Seeker Droid, plus a retooled Signal Droid and Imperial Sky Trooper. The "Sector 2 Security" set will box together the G2 Droid, RX Droid and C-3PO. To pick up the toys, fans will need to trek out to Walt Disney World- Hollywood Studios during "Star Wars Weekends" or track them down at Walt Disney World or Disneyland shops just a bit later this spring. You can get a closer look at the upcoming packs after the jump.

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