Following an afternoon of spirited Twitter reminders to tune into Attack of the Show tonight, G4 comics and MMA correspondent Blair Butler finally got to follow up on the episode's big news: She's officially a comic book writer. Butler's teamed with artist Kevin Mellon and letterer/logo designer Crank! for Heart, a four-issue miniseries due out later this year from Image Comics. Quite suitably, Heart will fuse Blair's love of comics and mixed martial arts and follow the journey of a young fighter as he confronts rising up -- and occasionally getting beaten down -- alongside his friends and rivals in the sport he loves. Get a look at cover art and interiors from Heart after the jump.We reached out to Butler to get her take on officially diving in to the life of a professional comic book writer in addition to her duties at G4.

"To be honest, it's hugely intimidating to be writing my own book. I mean, what if it sucks, right? That's the thing that keeps me up at night. But I've been really passionate about this subject matter for a long, long time -- and this is a story I've wanted to tell for a while," wrote Butler in an e-mail, "I know I've made -- and will continue to make - some absolute rookie mistakes, but I've been undeservedly lucky to collaborate with artist Kevin Mellon, who totally breathed life into this project - and has the patience of a saint. That first page he did gave me little chills. Plus, Crank! is kicking complete ass on letters and our logo. It's really...I'm nervous, I'm excited, but I'm so fortunate to be working with such stellar, solid people who will tell me when I'm doing things completely ass-backwards. I think I said 'ass' like 5 times -- I'm sorry."

Mellon echoed Butler's excitement for the upcoming release, emphasizing its emotional core despite being furnished with fighting.

"It's not often I come across projects that I read and go 'This is nothing like what I'm currently doing, I have to do it.' and Heart with Blair, was one of those. I wasn't looking for it but it found me and once I read it I couldn't get it out of my head, no matter how hard I tried. It's a bunch of dudes beating each other up, shrouding this deep and touching story about the journey people take in finding themselves. Not exactly the scantily-clad, skinny women I'd been working so hard to pigeon-hole myself into drawing all the time, ya know? But I was pulled into it and Blair has crafted a really moving tale that I am excited to be a part of and helping to bring to life. I like projects that challenge me, and Heart has been a really tough, but very rewarding challenge on every single level imaginable for me as a comic book artist. I'm stoked and excited for people to read this little tale. I'm also grateful that I was able to drag along my sometime collaborator, Crank! to do lettering, logos and late-night instant messenger psychotherapy. I couldn't be prouder of the book we're making and I just hope everyone enjoys all the love we're putting into it."

Check out cover art and two interior pages from Butler, Mellon and Crank!'s Heart coming from Image Comics below:

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