With the first full episode of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's new series Bravest Warriors finally live on Cartoon Hangover, fans can finally compare the cartoon to its ongoing comic book counterpart by Joey Comeau and Mike Holmes, which debuted last month from Boom Studios. In both forms, the new series has taken a slightly edgier approach to humor than Adventure Time thus far, with (censored) middle fingers flying and the stars of the book nonchalantly annihilating foes and shirking responsibility between being otherwise emphatically good-natured. With this in mind, it'll be interesting to see what shape the series takes as it edges into issue #5 in February, which will feature a number of alternate covers by Tyson Hesse, Nick Edwards, Alec Longstreth and even Ward himself.From Boom Studios' official solicitation info:

FIRST ISSUE OF A NEW ARC! There's a femme fatale causing trouble on a distant planet...and the Bravest Warriors have to go undercover to figure it out! Don't miss out on the first Nick Edwards connecting cover for this arc, featuring each of the Bravest Warriors and a special incentive variant cover with art from series creator Pendleton Ward!

You can scope out all four Bravest Warriors #5 covers below.

Tyson Hesse

Nick Edwards

Alec Longstreth

Pendleton Ward

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