The Guy Fawkes masks worn by V in Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta have taken on new meaning as symbols of resistance -- and sometimes anarchy -- for hacktivist groups like Anonymous and protest movements around the world, including yesterday's rallies against corruption in Brazil. A Brazilian CA reader e-mailed us with photos of the event:

"Hello Comics Alliance, let me share with you some news from Brazil. Yesterday we celebrated our Independence Day and we had a lot of street protests against corruption. The Activists wore masks of Guy Fawkes, like the character V, from the legendary Alan Moore's graphic novel. These protests came out on the main newspapers in Brazil and we believe that the world should know that we are fighting for a better country... We would be grateful if you could show the world our actions."

The BBC reports that protestors, who have no political affiliation and were also "wearing face paint and clown noses" joined crowds in the capital of Brasilia as the traditional military parade took place. The rallies were sparked by a series of corruption scandals that caused the resgination of three government ministers, and the BBC notes that many of the protestors were students who organized via social networking sites.

In a recent interview with ComicsAlliance, V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd described the use of the V for Vendetta mask by Anonymous as "resisting oppression the best way they know how" and said he hoped that the character V would continue to be a "symbol of protest for all those who feel they need to use it as such."