Hasbro's new Captain America: The First Avenger comic series features no shortage of Sentinels of Liberty, but for fans interested in the most basic shield-slinging, it's easy to be overwhelmed with options. In an effort to diversify its lineup, Hasbro's outfitted its numerous Caps with classic shields, blade shields -- even a snowboard shield. Debuting in July, two Captain America Comic Series Comic Packs will keep your toy collecting streamlined by pairing Captain America/Winter Soldier and Captain (Bucky) America/Crossbones equipped with standard shields with Marvel Comics fleshing out their conflicts. Check out official images from Hasbro after the cut.The two-packs should make it pretty easy for comic fans to grab four Marvel Universe style 3.75" figures for around $15. "Bucky Cap" got his own figure back in 2009 as part of a Wal-Mart exclusive Gigantic Battles set, but his recent comic series figure's blade shield isn't especially "comics accurate," meaning this version might blend in with your other MU figures better.

Crossbones' inclusion in this line is also welcome as he and the Red Skull are the shorter packed villains of the Cap line and therefore harder to pick up at retail on their own. Perhaps the Red Skull will see his own 2-pack appearance down the line as well?

See the new two-pack images below:

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