Disney has long been known for how meticulously it localizes its movies for countries all around the world (for proof, here's a video of Frozen's "Let It Go" in 25 languages).

Apparently, the company has applied that approach to its Marvel Studios output. Reddit user DavinderB has tracked down 10 different screenshots of Captain America's list of things he needs to learn about to catch up to the 21st Century in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and depending on the country where the movie's being shown, the list is different. Check out the differences after the jump.


The United States




The United Kingdom


South Korea














It's interesting to note that the bottom five entries of the list, starting with "Thai Food," remain consistent throughout (maybe Disney/Marvel Studios' digital wizards couldn't replace the stuff that Chris Evans' hand passed over), but the top items change a lot. Russian Cap doesn't care as much about the moon landing as it does about the Soviet dissolution in 1991, for instance. The UK's version of Cap needs to know more about The Beatles and Sean Connery. South Korea's Cap wants to bone up on Oldboy, while France's wants to learn more about Daft Punk (does he know that the A doesn't stand for France)? Mexico's is into Shakira, while Brazil is into scantily clad children's TV star Xuxa.

Quite a few lists include notes about different World Cup years and space travelers.

Pretty neat, right?


[Via Reddit]