You don't have to be a widely recognized superstar artist like J. Scott Campbell to turn a classic, beloved character like a Disney princess into a sexed up, pin-up-ready piece of adult entertainment. In fact, artist Ben Newman has done what some may have called impossible and turned even the French comic book Gauls Asterix and Obelix into provocative fetish models.

Newman's own ideas about what Catwoman, Velma and April O'Neil should look like may differ drastically from your own, but his NSFW portfolio on may also cause you to look at some of your favorite comic book and cartoon heroines in a much different light. I personally will never be able to look at the evil Pokémon exploiters from Team Rocket in the same way again after looking at his site, but I will at least know who to recommend if someone from Zenescope's "Grimm Fairy Tales" books ever asks me to mention a talented and appropriate cover artist.

What follows after the jump may not be as graphic as "Batman XXX," but it will put hair on your chest and chilly sensations into places you might prefer not to think about.