For many the rapidly approaching summer months mean basking in sunshine, frolicking through nature and sucking up fresh air like its going out of style. This enjoyment, however, depends largely on the absence of oppressive heat and humidity, insufferable insect population booms and obnoxious teens playing mailbox baseball through your neighborhood. Since very few are immune from such headaches, it may just be best to follow Paul Hornschemeier's advice and stick with cartoons and comics.

Hornschemeier's satirical print reading "Cartoons and Comics: Working Together Because Outdoors is Bullsh**!" originally broke out at Desert Island. It's long since sold out, but its message of beneficial addictive indoor activities lives on in multiple styles and colors on T-shirts and other merchandise via Forlorn Funnies.

See the full design complete with salty language (You didn't think it was actually full of asterisks, did you?) after the jump.

[Via News and Headlice]