You probably know that the thick lineup of talent at work over at Portland's Periscope Studio has not escaped us. Cat Farris comes from their ranks, and for anyone into pixies or cake, her online sketch pile is a veritable buffet of adorable Family Circus-sized characters and at least one rendition of a Disney princess spliced with Portal imagery.Farris blogs on, where she's served up Janelle Monáe, Dead Space and Wolverine artwork. Their round faces are endearing, as is her animated knack for drawing cooing emotive expressions. Wolvie and Poison Ivy never looked so harmless as they do in Farris' imagination, and she certainly knows how to bring out Luna Lovegood's inner Thestral whisperer and the wild side of Studio Ghibli characters.

Knock yourself out with those pieces and a few of our other favorites down below. Farris' art may not be as helpful as having a Companion Cube around, but it sure is prettier look at.

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