Digital: Dark Horse Comics' official digital app will be up for download on iOS devices on April 27, with an Android app coming soon. Check out their official site for a full list of launch titles. [Dark Horse]

Animation: Stan Lee and Ahnuld's The Governator animated series has reportedly recruited former SpongeBob SquarePants head writer Steven Banks to make sense of its inherent madness. [The Mary Sue]

Collections: Minnesota collector Gary Dahlberg passed away last year, but left his lifelong comic collection -- valued at more than $1 million -- to his family. During his lifetime Dahlberg sold only two of his comics, one to buy a computer and another to pay off his home. [StarTribune]

Graphic: T. Campbell and Jason Waltrip cartoonize io9's "10 Greatest Swords of All Time." [io9]

Mashups: Adventure Time's Finn and Jake as run through a Pokémon filter. [Reddit]

TV: If script rewrite rumors are true, the upcoming Wonder Woman TV pilot may be a little more aggressive than originally believed. [io9]

On Writing: In his latest column at CBR, Scalped writer Jason Aaron shares some inhibition-crushing writing wisdom: Write like your parents are dead. [CBR]

Toys: Hot Toys has more insanely realistic Iron Man 2 dolls on the way. Just look at War Machine's exposed circuitry. [MarvelousNews]

Pros: Get a load of Portland's Periscope Studio's digital workflow and feel your Cintiq envy rise! [The Briefing Room]

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