We haven't paid enough attention to the DC Comics line of Converse Chuck Taylors since the sneakers debuted at Comic-Con International 2010, and for this we are sorry. In addition to the handsome series of high quality footwear featuring DC characters, the initiative has also brought forth a brand new Catwoman comic drawn by none other than Cameron Stewart. The former artist of Ed Brubaker's celebrated run on Catwoman, Stewart's strong and sleek version of Selina Kyle is enduringly popular with fans of the character (and fans of great art in general). It's no surprise he was commissioned to illustrate writer Scott Beatty's two-page Catwoman origin story, which was made available as a free download from shoe merchant Journeys.

With the project completed, Stewart published the unlettered pages of his Catwoman strip, and you can check those out after the cut.

Each of DC's Chuck Taylor products is supported by a two-page "Secret Origin" story available on the products' pages at Journeys. With the possible exception of The Flash strip by Beatty and artist Howard Porter, the origin stories used to promote the Converse line had all appeared years before in various DC Comics publications like 52. Stewart and Beatty's Catwoman strip was commissioned especially for the Converse promotion, and includes references to Catwoman's activities in last year's Batman Incorporated. The piece was colored by Antonio Fabela.

Stewart's work is always excellent, especially when he draws Catwoman, so it's a real treat to see his interpretations of several outfits from throughout Selina's career. You can see more of Stewart's art on his official website as well as his Tumblr blog.

The DC line of Converse shoes is on sale at Journeys. For more two-page origin stories, simply click on the "Learn More" link on any of the product pages and you will download a free PDF of the entire series, which includes the fully lettered Catwoman strip.

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