"Choker" #1 hits shops early this Wednesday, a teamup between artist Ben Templesmith and writer Ben McCool set in sick, wonderfully sleazy environs of Shotgun City, a retro-futuristic hellhole that McCool describes as " a crazed amalgamation of 1930's gangland Chicago and 'Blade Runner's Los Angeles" with a dash of "Sin City" and "Transmetropolitan."

The book focuses on Johnny "Choker" Jackson, an ex-cop and private eye who paws through the filthy underbelly of Shotgun City for a living, while coping with a killer case of Alien Hand Syndrome, which can cause an appendage to take on a life all its own. Our antihero isn't so much a good guy as "not a bad one," and much like the city itself, his job isn't pretty. To get a glimpse inside his rather unpleasant psyche, ComicsAlliance has obtained a page from Choker's diary, where he takes on a typically depraved case in the porno theaters of Shotgun City.

Click through for a larger version, and naturally, expect vulgarity of all kinds.

(click to embiggen)

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