One of the ways comics publishers promote upcoming products is to release "unlettered" preview pages, which consist of finished artwork without any dialogue, sound effects or credits. While enjoyed by hardcore fans and very helpful for various journalistic endeavors (you'd be surprised how often we wish a piece of artwork didn't have some word balloons covering it up), ComicsAlliance doesn't make a habit of posting these kinds of previews because they're not super helpful in selling you on why we think a comic is worth your time and money.

We make an exception today with a newly released unlettered preview of The Avengers #13, because it features unobstructed views of gorgeous comic book artwork by Chris Bachalo, a true master of the form.

On sale next month, The Avengers #13 is a tie-in to Marvel's Fear Itself event (which launched in earnest with Fear Itself #1, on sale now). Because the issue is written by the famously loquacious Brian Michael Bendis, there's a safe bet that much of Bachalo's work will be adorned with an uncommonly large number of word balloons or captions. Certainly, Bendis and the letterers at Marvel are pros and the finished product will look and read beautifully, but being the fans of Bachalo that we are, it's great to see the unlettered work shine.

AVENGERS #13 (MAR110620)





X-Men Evolutions Variant by PAUL RENAUD

FOC – 4/25/11. On Sale – 5/18/11

With the entire Marvel Universe gripped in fear and on the brink of outrage, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man struggle to keep the peace. In an effort by Tony Stark, the rebuilding of Asgard gets underway, but will they be stopped even before they begin? It's the calm before the storm as the threat of The Red Skull and the other hammer wielding Worthy looms over the Marvel Universe. When the time comes, which of Earth's Mightiest Heroes will rally their teammates to battle – and which will succumb to the Serpent's influence? Find out this May, only in AVENGERS #13!

Covers by Alan Davis and Paul Renaud

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