The heroes of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman are an elite task force in basically all the ways that matter -- unless, of course, your mission is to create awesome artwork. Enter Chris Garcia, known on Tumblr as Scienceninjakid. Garcia's taken the liberty of drawing himself longboarding in a combat suit with a chicken motif as a gag, but his illustration skills could nonetheless trounce the evil space terrorists of Galactor with art goodness.

Garcia draws from a wide variety of superheroic influences, including video games like No More Heroes, movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, tokusatsu series like Choudenshi Bioman, Marvel Comic titles, and scads of stuff in-between.

Mega Man fans (and of course, Rockman fans) will especially love Garcia's illustration of the heroic Rock and his robotic sister Roll, performing as their respective namesakes intended. Why wouldn't a super fighting robot guitarist think to plug his axe straight into his belly button? It's wonderful to behold.

You can sample a swath of Garcia's awesome artwork below.