The August 24 release of the new, live-action Gatchaman (aka Battle of the Planets/Eagle Riders for many fans of the anime's various English dubs over the years) from director Toya Sato movie is creeping ever closer (for fans in Japan, at least), which can only mean one thing: Trailers!

Two new ones, in fact, which also offer fans a quick listen to the movie's new theme song from the band Bump of Chicken. Check out both videos of the Science Ninja Team in action after the jump.

The trailers seem to be a pretty solid confirmation that this movie is really, really happening, which should brighten the spirits of Gatchaman fans still disappointed that a CGI-animated adaptation written by Paul Dini never materialized after Imagi Animation Studios (Astro Boy, TMNT) closed in 2010.

[Via ANN]

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