Historically, war has often benefited criminals; not just those on the battlefield that are less than morally virtuous, but those back home who take advantage of the diverted attention to capitalize for their own gain. This summer, the Marvel Universe gears up for a second Civil War, and in a new miniseries from Matthew Rosenberg and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin, stands to profit while the heroes are busy fighting each other.

Announced this week, Civil War II: Kingpin returns Wilson Fisk to power in the Marvel Universe after several years in exile following his defeat at the hands of The Superior Spider-Man, --- and again in San Francisco by arch-rival Daredevil.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Rosenberg lays out his vision for The Kingpin’s return, describing him a “Civil War profiteer,” and promising a bevy of appearances from the best and worst of Marvel’s villainous roster.

It’s been a great time for comic about Marvel’s villains in the past few years, from Jeff Parker, Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey on Thunderbolts, to The Superior-Foes of Spider-Man, to the current Illuminati series by Joshua Williamson and Shawn Crystal. With the latter series ending soon, it looks like Civil War: Kingpin may offer something of a continuation, with all of the members present on Aaron Kuder’s jam-packed cover for #1.

To get you prepared to say hello to the bad guys, we’ve put together a guide to every villain featured on Kuder’s cover:




  1. Carnage
  2. Wizard
  3. Titania
  4. Radioactive Man
  5. Black Ant
  6. The Hood
  7. The Beetle
  8. The Regent
  9. Graviton
  10. Count Nefaria
  11. Mad Thinker
  12. Black Cat
  13. The Kingpin
  14. Absorbing Man
  15. Piledriver (or possibly his son, Excavator)
  16. MODOK
  17. Enchantress
  18. The Vulture
  19. Mysterio
  20. The Lizard
  21. Bulldozer
  22. Madame Masque
  23. Taskmaster
  24. Wrecker
  25. Hobgoblin
  26. Bullseye
  27. Thunderball
  28. Chameleon
  29. The Maker
  30. Crossbones
  31. Lady Bullseye
  32. Red Skull


Civil WarII: Kingpin #1 goes on sale in July. Check out the umnumbered version of the cover below:


Aaron Kuder
Aaron Kuder


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