Ever since NBC hinted that their ratings-challenged superhero TV show "Heroes" might feature a more-than-friends relationship between cheerleader and invincible college freshman Claire and her attractive new roommate Gretchen, the countdown to their lesbian kiss became pretty inevitable. Now it's been confirmed that it will take place in the next episode, "Hysterical Blindness." Even as shameless, exploitative ratings stunts go, this one is still impressively shameless, and I say that as someone who works in comics.

Still, I understand that now that you have heard the words "lesbian kiss on Heroes" you're going to need to see it, either because you're curious, or disgusted, or because your curiosity is glazed in a thin layer of disgust, or because the more someone tells you not to look at something the more irresistible it becomes, kind of like saying, "Don't think about a pink elephant" nearly forces you to think about a pink elephant. So let's get this out of the way:

There: Now you have now seen it, and you never, ever, ever need to watch "Heroes," ever again. You're welcome.

I feel pretty confident that this will fail to boost ratings, if only because it's trying to get attention by being sexy, and this level of desperation is never sexy. I'll be watching "Gossip Girl" instead, guys.

Still, I suppose it made sense, in a way... After all, when has betraying your content by marketing it to the lowest common denominator with lesbian makeouts ever gone horribly, horribly wrong?

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