With comic book prices currently higher than any of us would likely want, publishers and creators are encouraged to put their money where their mouth is in terms of providing plenty of bang for the jacked up buck. But in the case of Poketo's newly announced line of comics-inspired wallets, you can actually put your money where your mouth is in a literal sense. Well, maybe you don't want to eat your wallets. Maybe you just want to stare at them in utter awe of the wonderful art. That's a more sanitary and sensible option.

All of that's to say that Poketo -- a design company that meshes art with fashion and apparel, among other things -- is launching a limited edition wallet series called Perverse Universe, intended to explore the works of indie names such as Matt Furie, Louie Cordero and Jon Vermilyea."These artists share a love for storytelling, a fondness for the weird, and an obsession with textures," Poketo describes of the line. "Their strange worlds have plenty of irreverent humor and oddball characters, now in exclusive, wallet-sized pieces. The release also includes comic books and prints from the artists, as well as illustrated interviews, to be posted on our blog."

via The Beat