Just in time for Comic-Con International in San Diego, ComicsAlliance has finally thrown in with the incredible comics community that thrives on Tumblr, one of the leading social networks and blogging platforms. Throughout the convention weekend, CA will be sharing through Tumblr photos, video and other media directly from the showroom floor, panel discussions and around the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego.Beyond simply promoting ComicsAlliance content like news, editorials and original artwork, CA will be an active participant on Tumblr, sharing, reblogging and hearting material created and/or curated by comics fans and professionals. Tumblr has become one of the best ways to discover amazing illustrations both brand new and archival, opinions, memes and other great content that celebrates the comic book medium, so we're very glad to jump in and start contributing just as the Comic-Con weekend begins. Hope to see you there.

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