Cartoonists Brittney Sabo and Victoria G. Elliott have created a delightful event for the folks of Tumblr: Witchsona Week, in which everyone and anyone is encouraged to create a witch persona for themselves --- a personal avatar that presents the version of a witch they want to be, or perhaps the witch they see themselves as --- and the results are fantastic.

Since this is the second annual week of this sort, artists who created characters for the previous Witchsona Week are encouraged to explain what's new with their witchy avatars. First-time witches can interpret their witchsona however feels right to them --- though all the witchsonas have to be 'safe for work', even if your work involves hubble and bubble. There's a broad range of styles and attitudes among the artists represented, and a lot of talent on display.

We've picked out some of our favorites for an entirely subjective list of ComicsAlliance's favorite Witchsonas, but visit the Witchsona Tumblr for many, many more -- and maybe add your own! Even if you miss this year's Witchsona Week, there's always next year's; and it's never too late to discover your inner witch.



Sabo and Elliott are the creators of their own magical webcomic series. Sabo's All Night is set in a world where night and day and the seasons have become fixed, frozen points --- and something is coming out of the darkness. Elliott's Balderdash is the story of two witches who leave their homes for a chance to learn more about magic. Both series are well worth checking out if you need some witchspiration.

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