If you read as much comics news as we do every week, you know only one thing happened in the world of comics this week: Marvel superhero and longtime X-Man Northsar proposed to his boyfriend, and the ceremony is scheduled for the very next issue of Astonishing X-Men (Well, two things happened this week, if you count Marvel's Distinguished Competition noting that one of their "major iconic" male characters will have his sexual orientation rebooted).

The group One Million Moms, or, to more accurately reflect their make-up, "One Million" "Moms," is mad about both of those things. Our own Andrew Wheeler is opposed to the former as well, but for very different reasons. To read about that, and a bunch of other stuff we covered this week however, you'll want to join us after the jump.


-Andrew Wheeler explains why he's opposed to the marriage of Northstar in Astonishing X-Men (Hint: It has nothing to do with opposition to gay marriage, homo superior/homo sapien couplings or American citizens intermarrying with Canadians).

-Wheeler also walks us through the fates of the various marriages depicted on the Phil Noto drawn, wedding album-style variant for Astonishing X-Men #51.




-Matt D. Wilson spoke to Seattle-based sueprvillain Rex Velvet.

-David Brothers spoke to Ed Brubaker about the writer's latest collaboration with Sean Phillips, Fatale.


-Mads Mikkelsen is maybe in considering a role as a bad guy in Thor 2.

-Jon Favreau will indeed return for the third Iron Man film...but only as an actor portraying Happy Hogan, not as the director.

-Um, I'm gonna stick this here, because I don't know where else to stick it: A bunch of your favorite voice actors, perform a Star Wars script, in their characters (Porky Pig, Batman, Raven, Dr. Zoidberg, Bubbles, etc) and occasionally in the voices of other actors, like Christopher Walken and Tracy Morgan, with plenty of ad-libbing.


-Dave Ault creates travel ads for some of the DC Universe's fictional cities, using the profiles of their heroes (I think that "Visit Themyscira" one is missing some fine print reading "Unless your a man, in which case you are forbidden to set foot on the island" though...).

-Michael Fiffe's Suicide Squad fan-comic "Deathzone" resurrects one of DC's better 1980s offerings, in a decidedly different style.

-Andy MacDonald fashions new looks for several X-Men, coming up with costumes that are, on average, one million times better than what Marvel's merry mutants usually wear (With the possible exception of Cyclops, who just can't pull off that hat).


-Cosplay's not just for humans, as CA editor Caleb Goellner found out when he spotted Captain Ameripug at Oregon Humane Society Pug Crawl in Portaland.

-Photographer Paul Hiller used liquid latex to bring Adam Warren's heroine Empowered to live-action, three-dimensional life (Please do an Empowered Fumetti special please do an Empowered Fumetti special pleasepleasepleasedoanEmpoweredFumettispecialohplease...).

Video games:

-Here's the trailer for the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMORPG.

-Here's the trailer for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which features images of Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash and more.


-Bethany Fong takes a look at Marvel and 1928 Jewelry Co.'s new jewelry collection. I don't know if I would be head over heels in love with or terrified of a girl wearing Mjolnir or Punisher dangley earrings...