If you only read one post at ComicsAlliance this week, it should be this one, as this post is (almost) all of the posts combined into one post. Convenient, huh? After the jump, the week in ComicsAlliance coverage in review...


-Archaia has taken to YouTube in order to provide customers with the ability to flip-through their books, even if their books and their customers aren't physically in the same place.

-This is interesting: Dave Sim, one of the indie comics boom's major and most successful players, has turned to Kickstarter in order to fund a digital, enhanced version of his High Society graphic novel.

-Writer James Robinson has confirmed that the "major, iconic" character whose sexual identity was going to be revised as part of the "New 52" reboot will be Green Lantern Alan Scott.


-B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Transformation of J.H. O'Donnell.

-Greg Horn's The Situation cover.

-The Underwater Welder.

-Popeye #2.

-Superman Family Adventures #1.


-Chris Sims on Amazing Spider-Man #317.

-John Parker on Channel Zero.


-Sims and David Uzumeri's movie club continues with Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

-How It Should Have Ended explains how The Avengers should have ended.

-Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan shared his initial reluctance to use Catwoman in one of his films in an interview with Empire. I don't know, is there anything more unrealistic about a woman dressed like a cat than there is about a man dressed like a bat?

-Is The Iron Patriot going to be in the next Iron Man movie? Photographic evidence suggests that he is, although the man in the red, white and blue suit of armor will be a different man than the one who wore it in the recent-ish Marvel comics

-Nolan has definitively answered what role The Joker will play in the new film, given the character's prominent role in The Dark Knight and the fact that he was still alive and giggling at the end of it.


-When AMC re-broadcasts every episode of The Walking Dead so far, they'll also re-broadcast the pilot episode in black-and-white...just like the comic!


-To think I've lived my whole life without ever having to type the word "Bonka Zonks" until today...

-Old movie, new toy: Kaiyodo has released images featuring a "Revoltech" figure based on Spider-Man 3.

-The traditional gift for a 60th anniversary is diamond, and for a 50th anniversary it's gold. And for a 25th anniversary? Glow-in-the-dark RoboCop action figure. Trust me.

-My least favorite part of The Dark Knight, the Bat-Pod, is apparently returning for the next movie, and Hot Toys is doing a new version of their 1/6 replica model.


-This week's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week).

-Paolo Henrique Dos Santos painted himself green to look like the Incredible Hulk for a 5K run...and stayed green, given the fact that the green paint he used wasn't so much bodypaint as it was paint-paint.


-Here are some more screenshots and character designs from Marvel's upcoming MMO game Marvel Heroes.

-Well, I guess the New 52 costume designs could have been worse...they could have been those from Injustice: Gods Among Us.


-Andy Fairhurst makes kids into superheroes.

-For all the alternate versions of Batman DC did over their years and years of Elseworlds specials, one they never got around to was a roackabilly Batman. Denis Medri's beautifully rendered and conceived character designs provide a compelling case for doing so ASAP.

-Mauro Perucchetti's fine art featuring the World's Finest.

-This month's Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month).

-Frank Miller's 1972 school paper comics.

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week).