There's something about being a comics fan that brings out the completion and the collector in us, and sometimes that manifests in tracking down old issues of a series you love, and sometimes it means that you can't help buying a comic you're not enjoying because it has your favorite character in it. Comic fans like to collect things, and this San Diego Comic Con, Comixology is appealing to that trait by releasing a wave of SDCC-exclusive trading cards celebrating some of the hottest creators of the modern era.

Announced today in Entertainment Weekly, the "Comic Book All Stars" line of trading cards will be available from the Comixology booth at the convention and at all ten panels hosted by the digital comics platform over the course of the event. The cards themselves feature creators from across the industry from Stan Sakai to Marguerite Bennett to Simon Hanselmann, celebrating every aspect of the industry from the mainstream superhero titles of Marvel and DC to offbeat independent work and decades long epics.

Comixology will also be hosting signings throughout the weekend for a number of the creators featured in the Comic Book All Star line-up so you can get their signature on your exclusive trading card, and ComicBookResources has the full details about signings times as well as times and locations for Comixology's panels.

So, I'll trade you my Brian Michael Bendis card for your G. Willow Wilson card? Okay fine, I'll throw in a Robert Kirkman and a Brian Azzarello too!


Trading Card Checklist


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