Comixology's Submit program is kicking off its third year as a channel for the digital sale of indie comics, and to celebrate, Comixology is offering a bundle of 30 Submit books for just $3. The books are a diverse group, including projects by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore, John Allison, Joe Benitez, Eric Grissom and Claire Connelly, and Andrea Tsurumi. Comixology co-founders John D. Roberts and David Steinberger will also promote the platform at SXSW this weekend with an appearance on the Geek Stage, which the company is sponsoring.

This is a great and affordable way for readers to support indie comics. Most of the books listed were self-published, and the Submit program's entire purpose is to offer the Comixology technology to folks who normally wouldn't have access to it. While some of the books included in the bundle are higher profile, there are a lot of talented creators here that many readers will no doubt be discovering for the first time.

The sale ends Monday at 11pm EST. The full list of books included in the $3 package is as follows:



Folks in Austin this weekend can see Roberts and Steinberger on the Geek State at 4:15pm on Sunday for their panel "ComiXology Recommends Comics For You," along with the cohosts of the Comixologist podcast, Matt and Kara.

If you can't make it, at least you've got an easy way to fill your weekend with comics.



Full disclosure: The Submit bundle includes work by ComicsAlliance's own Chris Sims.

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