We’re just weeks away from Constantine star Matt Ryan conjuring a magical resurrection on The CW’s Arrow, but many still lament the character’s own home at NBC casting him out into the cold of cancellation to begin with. Now, executive producer David Goyer admits that NBC might not have proven a wise home for the demon-fighting detective, who could have lived longer under a different model.

During the course of interviews for the third and final season of Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons (Via Variety), Goyer admited that the nature of Constantine had difficulty gelling with an NBC audience, saying:

In retrospect, I don’t think it should have been on NBC. I think it was the wrong channel and I’m sure they probably agree with that as well … We almost doubled our numbers in DVR numbers, but they weren’t quite there in network television in counting those metrics. If it had been on a basic cable channel, it could still be on.

Indeed, Constantine had been the subject of rumors the series could move to Syfy, following successful runs of a few NBC-broadcast episodes, though the switch was not to be. That said, Goyer still remains on development on another DC property for Syfy, the Superman prequel origin story Krypton.

Arrow showrunners have suggested that the upcoming Constantine crossover will prove notably one-off for now, but was the series’ fate always in the cards? Considering Syfy, or other cable networks’ occasional difficulty with genre hits, was NBC really to blame?

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