It's a sad day for illustration aficionados as the marvelous Covered blog publishes its final pieces, citing a drop off in submissions and editor Rob Goodwin's focus on other projects. Covered has since 2009 invited artists to recreate classic comic book covers in their own distinctive styles, fueling a remix/homage trend that's become commonplace in the online comics community and helped expose younger generations to the important work of industry veterans and introduce newcomers to the scene.

Some of Covered's final pieces include contributions from Steve Rude and Arthur Adams, which as our friends at Robot 6 rightly observed is a pretty high point to end on.

Fantastic Four #4 by Jack Kirby and Sol Brodsky, covered by Steve Rude (click images to enlarge)

Fantastic Four #49 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, covered by Steve Rude (click images to enlarge)

Avengers #150 by George Pérez and John Romita, covered by Arthur Adams

Nexus #15 by Steve Rude, covered by... Steve Rude!

Justice League of America by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel, covered by Arthur Adams

You've definitely seen Covered artists and artwork in ComicsAlliance's own Best Art Ever (This Week) and other art features, and we're sad to see Goodwin's blog go. However, more than 1,000 pieces will remain for posterity, and Goodwin himself is hard at work on an original graphic novel you can learn about here.

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