OK, so these superheroine mannequins for sale on eBay aren't actually Real Dolls -- and if you don't know what those are, congratulations -- but I get a pretty similar feeling when I look at them, particularly in the closeups of their glassy, lifeless stares and slightly pained expressions.

I guess if you're setting up a life-sized diorama of Batman's death or something, these would be the mannequins to buy, because they all look incredibly sad and grim, as though they profoundly resent their continued existence but tragically, have no way to die.

Each one is also dressed in an "official licensed costume," by which they mean store-bought Marvel/DC Halloween outfits. I know this because I actually own that Batgirl Halloween costume, which makes this doubly disturbing for me.

Also, I realize that sometimes artists have trouble making meaningful facial distinctions between the many blonde, female heroes in superhero books, but c'mon -- Supergirl and Emma Frost are the exact same mannequin? They're literally interchangeable? Just like real women, I guess, if you don't actually know any.

The eBay page adds suggests that the mannequins are "great for store display, game room or conversation piece" and that this purchase will "make all your friends envious," and if that is in any way true I strongly suggest that it is time for you to find new friends.

[via Occasional Superheroine]