It takes one level of fandom to customize a Munny to look like your favorite comic book hero. Making a Munny embody the spirit of your favorite comic to the point where it actually looks like it's bursting apart at the seams from the paper-and-ink energy inside requires the skills of one German artist in particular, however.VICEone is the name of a toy customizer who has to rip his vinyl creations apart in order to fully realize his visions. The cracked costume fragments on the Spider-Man and Batman figures he's shared on his blog look nice enough, but the raw comic art he uses for their skin underneath sets his work apart from the crowd.

Little Hellboy horns, Simpsons-inspired donut icing, and other features accentuate his concepts. The attention he gives things like skin textures and the caky insides of his fractured statues, meanwhile, will absolutely change the way you look at customizing.

[Via Geek-Art]